Friday, 27 May 2016

Enel report Q1 2016

Enel, Q1, 2016, front page

My Italian success story Enel arrived with their Q1 report not that long ago. The report was like most other utilities companies speaking of much less sales.

For the report in full please click here and for the previous summary then visit Enel annual report 2015 and to get a better feeling for Enel then please take a look at analysis of Enel 2016.

As can be seen in the financial statement below Enel is doing ok. Yes, their sales did indeed decrease but they very well covered that by decreased costs and in the end they even managed to bring in more earnings compared to 2015 even though the sales were down by almost -11%.

Enel, Q1, 2016, financial statement

Conclusion: Apparently not every utility company must perform poorly. Enel is indeed the exception to that. Their focus on green energy and smart grids will indeed serve them well in the future! I will remain as a happy shareholder in Enel.

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