Wednesday 1 June 2016

German inside trading: May 2016

Germany, inside trading, May, 2016

Since I will freeze my German stock portfolio when I move the the UK I will also not follow the German market as well as I have been doing in the future. With this comes that I will no longer make any insider trading reports concerning the German stock market and I will see if I will manage to start doing that in the UK and then especially if I will manage to find a good source for extracting the information.

This will therefore be the final inside trading report for the German market and I must say that the manages have been pretty active.

For the previous report please click on German inside trading: April 2016.

Capital Stage AG - bought shares
Bayer - bought shares, analysis of Bayer 2016.
Tomorrow Focus - bought shares
Softing - bought shares
Atoss - sold shares
Hypoport AG - sold shares
Grenkeleasing AG - bought shares
Süss MicroTechsold shares
BASF - bought shares, analysis of BASF 2016.
Dialog Semiconductor bought shares
Biofrontera - bought shares
Symrise AG bought shares
H&R AG - bought shares
Fraport AG - bought shares, analysis of Fraport.
TAG Immobilien - bought and sold shares, analysis of TAG Immobilien.
Intershop Communications - bought shares
Klassik Radio AG - bought shares
Brenntag - bought shares, analysis of Brenntag.
Leoni AG - bought shares, analysis of Leoni.
Alstria - bought shares, analysis of Alstria.
SAP AG - bought shares, analysis of SAP 2016.
GEA Group - bought shares, analysed analysis of GEA Group.
WashTec - bought shares
S&Tbought shares
BayWasold shares
Linde AG - bought shares, analysis of Linde 2016.
Evonik - bought shares, analysis of Evonik.
Merck - bought shares, analysis of Merck 2016.
Sygnis - bought shares
Albis leasing AG - bought shares
Ahlers - bought shares
Röhn Klinikumbought shares
Freenet -bought shares
Zeal Network - bought shares
Evonik - bought shares, analysis of Evonik.
VTG sold shares

Conclusion: The last time a manager bought stocks in Bayer was back in 2014. A lot was bought in Fuchs from the family Fuchs. Managers bought into my BASF which I like! Tomorrow focus was also highly desired. Bayer had high activity as did MüRe & Merck. Generally the managers seem to have spent a lot of money to buy shares in their companies. To me this is a good sign for the quarter reports to come.

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