Monday 23 April 2018

Intel annual report 2017

Front page of Intel annual 2017 report

To view the report in full please click here and for my previous summary please see the Intel annual report 2016 and to find out more concerning Intel then please go to analysis of Intel 2017.

In the financial statement below we see that Intel had an excellent year that was held back by a significant tax payment. They increased the revenue from 59 billions to almost 63 billion USD which is excellent. However the bottom line is not looking so good since they ended up with a 52% tax rate which left in the end of the year 9.6 billion in earnings compared to 10.3 billion last year. They claim in the report that this was a one-off payment and that the tax rate moving forward in 2018 will be lower compared to what they have been paying. This means that 2018 has truly the potential to become an excellent year for Intel!

Income statement of Intel 2017

Conclusion: Without the massive tax Intel would have had an excellent year already in 2017 but now that will be pushed forward until 2018, if they continue in the same fashion, which I hope that they will. Intel has been and still are a good investment and I will remain as a shareholder.

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