Tuesday 2 July 2013

Is life slowing down in Germany

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Last weekend I decided to go out and party a little. First I went to the Bergmannstr. Fest which is a street party that is being arranged once per year in Kreuzberg. They had four different scenes with mainly jazz and blues music. There was, I must admit, a fair amount of people walking around, drinking beer, eating food from the different carts and listening to the free music. Afterwards I went to a club that usually is excellent. It is called Kater Holzig and is situated just down by the Spree. They have usually several different dance areas and one can have a great time there! It was... empty... and only one dance area was open. Sad, sad, sad. I´m just glad I was there so early that I was not forced to pay 12 euro entrance if they would have nicked that from me I would have gone on a rampage!

Three weeks ago was the time before then that I was out in a club. That time it was White Trash Fast Food and it was not as awful as Kater Holzig but it was pretty close. Almost no one was there and it was very little fun.

So is Germany slowing down or are there other aspects? Decreased tourists? Have the students realised that the exams are coming up and to explain to the parents why they failed the exams will be no fun? Is it weather based and people are just fed up with the cold spring that is still running now in June/July?

Either way... I will wait a little with going out until I start to hear good stories from people having great parties again in the clubs in Berlin.

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