Wednesday 10 July 2013

Update personalized fund A: June 2013


The personalised index fund that I created from DAX is moving forward. Well better put it is moving worse than DAX but besides from the initial big difference that happened in the first 1,5 months this month the difference almost remained as it was.
DAX is since the start of the experiment (Start: 7682.58, 8/7-13: 7968.54) increased by 3.72%.
The personalized index fund (Start: 60115.39 €, 8/7-13: 58871.22 €) decreased by -2.07% which means a total difference of 5.79% between the two.

This personalized index fund is purely based on the performance in the last year and I will correct the ratios once per year. The correction means to sell off part of the five best performers and to increase in the five worst performers. This month we could also see that "stocks are like rabbits over time". Because from 10 Siemens stocks we received 1 stock of Osram light AG which means that we ended up having 2.5 stocks of Osram light AG. These will be kept in the fund and left as they are.

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