Monday 8 July 2013

Dividend from Associated British Foods + general correction

A British sugar and retail company
I received additional dividend from ABF. In total I received 10.85 € for my 100 Shares. From this was taken 2.85 € in taxes.

I now know what has happened. The unfortunate sale of my Commerzbank options are being calculated towards my "Freistellungsbeitrag" and when those were sold I therefore went above the 810:e euro that is the maximum one does not have to pay tax on.

I have therefore decided to add the Commerzbank money as a "dividend" meaning for my 235 options I received 2.78 € per share to a total value of 653.3 €. from this I had to pay commission as well as taxes in a quantity of 116.16 €.

I will also correct my BP dividend that were a total of 23.86 € for the 350 shares.

And my Intel dividends that were a total of 17.25 € for my 100 shares.

The taxes will be bunked up in a total running value.

All the corrections as well as the ABF dividend will be added to the Stock Dividend page.

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