Saturday 20 July 2013

New stock bought: Enel

An Italian energy provider

Even though I was very disappointed with my first month and with this I mean that I received taxes back (see article) in the quantity of  361 € and I did all I possibly could to cut cost by pushing down my food costs etc. I was still only able to transfer 241 € to my stock account. That was very sad or maybe I should in a way be happy because it indicates that my life, even when I live it normally, is very low cost. So when I try to decrease that even further it has a very small impact.

beer glasses dressed with sunglasses using handle as nose

Either way I realised that I had far too much cash on the stock account and I therefore decided to buy yet another stock. I have decreased my investment value to around 1000 € per month and will try to make those investments up until I go back on full salary again.

The stock that I bought I have previously analysed here and it was the Italian energy company Enel. I managed to buy 450 shares to the price of (including fees) 2.39 €/share. The stock as well as the peanut money that I managed to save last month will be added to the stock portfolio in the end of this month when I usually make the update. I will then also based on the suggestion giving here as a comment to try to bring in the sell price that I have placed for each stock.

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