Saturday 27 September 2014

Ashamed of myself...

Businessman, gentleman, Fredrik von Oberhausen

As the title says I have to admit that last Thursday I went a bit crazy and bought too many holdings in too many companies. Yes, it was true that my cash stash had become far too large and especially considering that I have candidates of interest to buy but still... I went too far.

I hope that I over time will find a better balance and will be less insane in terms of hunting for owning more and more parts of companies. Or maybe I have finally found my call in life for hunting/gathering and it was not stamps, electric trains or coins but companies. The second hurdle will be to sell. Can I? Can a collector sell something they have "gathered"? Maybe they can for the greater good!

Next to where I previously lived there was a very nice whiskey store that opened up. I once went there for a whiskey tasting session and the man told me that he had had a huge whiskey collection and one day he decided to quit his job, he sold one third of the collection, bought more "normal" whiskey bottles and he started his shop. A collector turned passionate businessman doing what he loved each and every day. Not a bad deal!

Either way... Over the next couple of days I will present what I bought and for what reason I bought them. I will then also bring up the analysis of the companies which do not at all look very tempting when one take a look at the analysis. Let us hope that even though they do not look good they will still qualify for being contrarian.

I bought in total three companies, each holding was the classical around 1000 € and I hope to increase them with another 1000 € as time goes by.

One company is very well known, the second one I have mentioned when analysing a different company and the third one is a complete outsider.

The two first companies I will look upon as being extra investments during the month of September and the third one will be the monthly investment for October. They are already included in the live update of my stock portfolio so if you cannot wait to find out what I bought then please go there to look at it.

I will continue working on the kicked out list and I hope to be able to present that one also very shortly. Sorry for the cliff hanger which is based on me not having enough time to write all of it at once and therefore need to divide it into smaller pie portions.

On a more personal note. In the end I decided against taking a second job... for now... and I have instead decided to try my fortune with online studies. Many, many, many years ago when I studied at the University I had so much time over that I started studying double speed for the fun of it. This then also meant that I ended up with plenty of extra courses that was completely useless for my own academic career (such as Italian, philosophy, economy, java programming, physics, math and law) but now I think they can come in handy to finish a degree in a completely different topic.

My first attempt has been to apply for continuation of the economy studies! So fingers crossed that they let and old fox like me in thru the doors!

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