Tuesday 2 September 2014

Summary of August 2014

Summary, August, 2014, stock portfolio, contrarian

Part of the first week of August I was still on vacation so that was great. Now I have been back to work for three weeks and I have started to organize the company a little for the future. Since I started to work with Google drive here on the blog I also decided to implement it for my company. I wanted since a long time to implement a NAS but we do not have a homogenized operating system in the company so it simply would not have worked out.

Therefore I decided to start using the Google drive for all the things are of little importance but still so important that everyone have to have access to it and can use it. For instance sending offers and invoices to customers. It took time to bring everything up there but now it is there and it will make life easier... only bad thing is that I have not managed to find a way to "lock" a document and it is very, very easy to just start writing the invoice to a customer without first making a new copy of the document and renaming it...

Also for the blog there are more spread sheets to be made but at the moment I feel a bit tired and will therefore put that on ice but the kicked out list must be made and an excellent company list should also be made.

But now down to business:

For the previous report summary of July 2014 please click on this link.

August, 2014, invested value, contrarian

The only major change became that I made yet another investment in IBM and you can find out more about IBM here in analysis of IBM 2014. The total invested value in stocks have now reached 42,075 € and in the pie chart above you can see how that was distributed into the different companies.
current value, August, 2014, stock portfolio, contrarian
The little pie piece that represents Asian Bamboo gets smaller and smaller. Poor it! No one wants to eat that piece of pie any longer. Kernel has also dropped back significantly from the last report. Only good news from them but the war with Russia is punishing their share price. The founder of the company is buying plenty of stocks each month. Still the current value of the portfolio is 38,812 € which means that I am almost -8% compared to my invested value.

August, 2014, Me vs DAX, contrarian

DAX once again did not do very well and dropped with -1.3% and are now at 9468. My portfolio on the other hand dropped with -1.5% so another month that I lost against DAX!

For the full portfolio report please go to the Stock Portfolio page and if you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go to the Analysis Requests page.

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