Tuesday 23 September 2014

Autumn products

rain, heavy clouds

Yesterday, when I wrote this, there was a light drizzle in Berlin and due to the rain heavy clouds and generally due to the arrival of autumn it is getting very dark.

Besides from being slightly melancholic it also got me thinking about the kind of products and services that are used during this period.

Are there special products being consumed that I should change my investor behaviour to follow? Should I go out and buy a chocolate producing company because I am sure that they will start to increase their sales volumes this autumn? Should I step into a movie producing company or cinema chain for that matter since their results will be better compared to last quarter?

In my opinion the answer is no. A company must have a more long term advantage and hopefully I will never start to buy companies for the expectation of quick share price increase after the next quarter report.

When I started thinking about this my thoughts also slide into that autumn comes twice per year and that the world wide companies can profit from this. Do they strategically do it? Is the same ice cream producer present in Germany and in South Africa to even out demand? I do not know.

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