Monday 18 May 2015

Dalal Street: Mohnish Pabrai Q1 2015

Dalal Street, run by Mohnish Pabrai dealing Q1 2015

Mohnish Pabrai remains active with his Dalal Street and there are some surprising moves at least in my opinion. There were no new additions but two companies were kicked out.

For the previous summary please visit Dalal Street: Mohnish Pabrai Q4 2014.

Conclusion: So Berkshire remained for about one year in the portfolio of Mohnish and Bank Amer Corp has had even before I started to follow him so the holding he just sold off were at least three years old. He again increased his Posco holding significantly after cutting it by 1/3 last quarter so let us see if he will remain as a shareholder this time.

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