Friday 1 May 2015

German inside trading: April 2015

Inside trading, Germany, April, 2015

April of 2015 now belongs to the past and will never return again. It is therefore time to take a closer look at what the German managers and key company people were up to. My first impression is that they have not been very active. April is the start of the dividend paying season in Germany (most companies pay only ones per year) which on its own leads to strong decreases in share price on the day of payment but it should not lead to any significant changes in the stock portfolio.

For the previous report please click on German inside trading: March 2015.

So what were they then up to? Oh, and this article never works out as it should over email so please visit the blog to read the list in full if you are interested.

MBB Industries AG - bought and sold shares
7C Solarparken - bought shares (previously called Colexon Energy)
Süss MicroTech - bought shares
Nucletron Electronic - bought shares
Kloeckner - bought shares, analysis of Kloeckner.
Hypoport AG - sold shares
Morphosys AG - bought shares
Phoenix Solarbought shares
SAF Holland - sold shares
PSI Ag - bought shares
PNE Wind - bought shares, analysis of PNE Wind 2014.
Ferratum - bought and sold shares
Tele Columbus - bought shares
Basler - bought and sold shares
Zeal Network - sold shares
Xing - sold shares
Dürr sold sharesanalysis of Dürr.
MAN - bought shares, analysis of MAN.
Capital Stage AG - bought shares
Jungheinrich - bought shares
Data Modul - bought shares
Syzygy - sold shares
RWE - bought shares, analysis of RWE 2014.
Highlight Communications - bought and sold shares

Mologen - bought shares
König & Bauer - bought shares
H&R AG - bought shares
Heidelberg Druckmachinensold shares
mybet Holding SE - bought and sold shares
YOC - bought shares
Leifheitsold shares
Usu Software - sold shares
Alexanderwerk - bought shares

Conclusion: PNE and Gerry Weber high activity but everything else were more normal. More were bought than what was sold off so this is showing confidence especially when it is done before the Q1 reports arrive.

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