Wednesday 14 October 2015

Extra stock bought October 2015: Deere

Deere, an American outdoor machine producer

As I mentioned in the article concerning my latest partial sale Stock sold October 2015: Kernel I did not want the money from the sale to completely leave the agricultural business. Many of you probably even guessed which company I meant in that article and if you did not then the extra hint yesterday should have done the trick.

Already when I read that Berkshire Hathaway had stepped into Deere I got interested but I found that the share price ran away a bit too fast due to the news so I decided to wait. Now the share price have come down which is also due to Deere having a tough time which is the moment when I usually seem to jump into companies. They are however buying back massive amount of shares and have kept doing so for the last years so I might even have gotten my holding cheaper than what Mr. Buffett paid for them.

I made a full initial investment meaning that I stepped in and bought 30 shares in Deere and I paid in total 2096.50 € including fees or 69.88€ per share.

To find out more regarding Deere then please take a look at yesterdays publication or why not use the easy search from which you can find out also what other bloggers have been saying about Deere.

If you want to see my current Stock Portfolio then click on the link but the portfolio will not be fully updated until the end of the month.

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