Tuesday 6 October 2015

Stocks of Interest: October 2015

Stocks, interesting, October, 2015

Well, well, as you all know my latest investment, Volkswagen, became a seriously failed investment. Shareholder in Germany have started to hand in claims due to that the Volkswagen decided not directly to come out with the information. A problem with Germany is that it is impossible to make a class action lawsuit so each investor must file their own lawsuit. I bought my shares within this time window so I legally have the right to file a lawsuit. Should one do so?

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Stocks of Interest, October, 2015

The top ten list are: Balaton, Pharmstandard, Sollers, TransContainer, Volkswagen, Tag Immobilien, ARLP, Encana, Casino & Gilead Sciences. Volkswagen entered the list... no wonder... and Casino moved down one more position. There are many disliked company branches today. In some countries still banks. Energy is severely disliked, car producers are also not liked. The mining industry can also be included and we should not forget the retail stores. Yup, plenty of disliked companies at the moment.

DAX, companies, October, 2015

Looking at the DAX companies then, of course, the car companies are punished even though there has been little change for BMW and Daimler in comparison to Volkswagen. RWE is dropped like a stone lately. First due to nuclear and coal and lately due to potential cut in dividends as I understood it. Too much? I also find that BASF start to look very acceptable once again with a dividend of over 4% but they have an oil and gas part which is at least one reason for the drop.

October, 2015, my portfolio, stocks

Ugh... several of my own companies have gone from cheap to even cheaper. Once again the banks are looking very attractive, RWE, Tessenderlo, BASF, DBAG and today due to that PotashCorp pulled back their silly offer of 41 € per K+S share also this looks attractive.

Conclusion: From what I see I need to increase my positions in my current companies that have become even one step cheaper. Volkswagen is excluded since there will be no end to the amount of claims they will get on themselves both from governments as well as private people.

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