Friday 2 October 2015

Summary of September 2015

Summary, August, 2015

It feels as if we have had an Indian summer this September. The sun is shining almost every day but at the same time it start to be cold and very soon I need to dig out my gloves and start using them as well as my longjohns.

The studies are progressing and I even think that I have managed to collect some credits due to finishing different parts of the courses. My two group members are good and we manage to get even everything done on time so that definitely helps.

Last week I created a new rule. If a company that I have applied for a job are not prepared to pay for my trip there then it makes no sense to pursue that any further. If they are so greedy that they are not prepared to pay for my trip when I sacrifice a day of vacation then they are also not able to provide a descent environment for knowledge workers. So to make life easy for everyone. Knowledge workers do not go there and you companies that are not prepared to pay for the trips please stop even considering that you should hire a knowledge worker. They will not stay long with you.

Getting a new job turns out to be more difficult than what I expected. Companies do not really seem to know what they should do with me and therefore prefer to take the safe approach which means to hire someone else. I will continue to look for jobs, keep applying for positions, keep having interviews until I find something that fits everyone.

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invested, current, portfolio, September, 2015

The total invested amount is now up at 66,205 € including my realised losses that became slightly less due to my sale of MüRe. Besides from that the biggest change come from my excellently timed investment in Volkswagen. Well done!

Current, portfolio, september, 2015

The value of the stock portfolio is now down at 59,724 € and I am pretty heavy on cash with almost 6k of that. Still, due to these latest dramatic drops, I have an unrealised loss of -6,481 €.

Me, DAX, versus, September, 2015

DAX, just like my portfolio, have continued to drop and is now down at 9,554 points which means that decreased by another -4.4% during September. My portfolio did a little better with -4.1% and lately my months have been slightly better than DAX so I hope it will continue so that I at some point have a chance to get back on my feet.

Conclusion: Me are now down by over -15% for the last two months. This is indeed a strong drop in only two months time so I am sure plenty of investors start to be worries. Do not be concerned and rejoice in the fact that you can buy companies even cheaper. I will directly put my load of cash to work.

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Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Today there was an article in a Swedish newspaper, DI, that listed all the benefits that the summer interns received at the large companies in the US. I find it exaggerated what they receive but I can not blame the american giants for not knowing how to handle and attract knowledge-workers.
They definitely know how to do this which is also a reason for why they remain as companies in the top and probably will continue to do so for some time to come.