Tuesday 29 December 2015

Dividend summary 2015

Dividend, development, 2015

For the previous report please visit dividend summary 2014.

The first year (2012) of investment I received 461 € in dividends. The second year (2013) I received a total of 1,367 € however from this 653 € was due to selling share rights to Commerzbank, leaving 714 € in real dividends. The third year (2014) I received a total of 1,025 € in dividends of which 70 € were due to sale of rights leaving me with 955 € in real dividends. In the fourth year (2015) I received 75 € due to sale of rights for Eniro and additionally 1,852 € in dividends.

So the yearly dividends are increasing year by year which is great!

The dividend that I am receiving based on my total stock portfolio was a little bit more than 2.5 % which I consider to be good these days especially considering that I push in so much money into the stock portfolio. The dividend increase in comparison to last year was 94% which is extreme. I would love to see that continue!


2025 said...

Congrats for a good dividend year and prosperous next one! Keep it flowing in!

Anonymous said...

Thank you 2025! I hope to keep it flowing but I am not so certain that next year will become so good. Many of my companies seem to drop their dividends and especially the drop from DB will hurt me.

-Fredrik von Oberhausen