Saturday, 2 January 2016

German inside trading: December 2016

Inside trading, December, 2015

To be honest with you all I have not followed the stock market very well during the last month. It was simply too much with work, studies and well... buying Christmas gifts and being on vacation at least in the end of it and all this combined made me less interested in following daily movements on the stock market.

For the previous report please click on German inside trading: November 2015.

The dealings were:

Eurokai - sold shares, analysis of Eurokai.
Intica Systems - bought shares
Krones - sold shares, analysis of Krones.
BMP bought shares
Elumeosold shares
Rofin-Sinar - sold shares

Osram - bought shares
GFT Technologiessold shares
GEA Group - sold shares, analysed analysis of GEA Group.
mybet Holding SE - bought shares

Tom Tailor - bought shares
Gesco - bought shares
7C Solarparken bought shares
EDAG Engineering - bought shares
Wirecard - sold shares
Zooplus AG - sold shares
SHWbought shares
Advanced Vision Technology - bought and sold shares
Highlight Communicationsbought and sold shares
PVA TePlabought shares
Steinhoff - bought shares

Linde AG - bought shares, analysis of Linde 2015.
BMW – bought shares, analysis of BMW 2015.
Dürr sold sharesanalysis of Dürr.
SAP AG - bought and sold shares, analysis of SAP 2015.
United Internetsold shares
Nexus - bought and sold shares
CENIT sold shares

CPI Property Group sold shares
Co.don - bought shares
WashTec - bought shares
Heliocentris - bought shares
BayWa - bought shares
Covestro - bought shares
Powerland - bought shares
aap Implantate - bought shares

Deutsche Konsumsold shares
Progress-Werk Oberkirch - bought shares

Medisana - bought and sold shares

SMA Solar Technology sold shares
Infineon bought and sold shares, analysis of Infineon 2015.
PNE Wind - bought and sold shares, analysis of PNE Wind 2014.
RIB Software - bought shares
bought and sold shares

Conclusion: Somewhat increased activity could especially be seen with Eurokai, EDAG, Fresenius, mybet Holding, Medisana, Infineon and as so often in zooplus. Pretty much activity this month and more selling than what we could see in the previous ones that were mainly months of buying!

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