Sunday 14 February 2016

Analysed requests from 2015

2015, requests, analysed

In 2015 I received a fair amount of requests on the Analysis Requests page. To check out my previous summary then please visit analysed requests from 2014 and by following that one step further back you will find how the colour coding works.

What we can see is that Graham got four green ones and four red ones so 50% accuracy in the selection and for me I got three green ones and three red ones so also I got 50% accuracy in the selection. So far so good!

If we take it one step further and we would have invested 1000 € into each yes then Graham would have ended up with -13.5% which is not very good but the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 has been challenging to say the least, For my pick the situation would be seriously awful with -35.8%. That is a truly horrible result! Horrible! If we would have bought each company then we would have ended up with -10.5% which is pretty go considering.

In this short and challenging times there has not yet been a single rocket and it is hard to say if anyone of the companies will become that in the future. We shall see how it develops. It should be noted that Graham made three very good no calls with Linde, Fossil and Ensco but also two seriously bad ones with ARLP and Encana.

Conclusion: The best option this time around would have been to buy all the stocks that were requested. Secondly Graham arrived with a still acceptable result and worst of all, yet again, were my responses to the analysed companies. One way or the other it seriously looks as if I have to remove any emotions from the process since I obviously only arrive with bonk when I do so. Graham + a stop-loss could maybe be something.

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