Thursday 25 February 2016

Aquamarine Capital: Guy Spier Q4 2015

Aquamarine Capital, a hedge fund run by Guy Spier

Now we come to the chiller of the chillers (at least when it comes to stocks on the US market). Mr. Spier have had an extraordinary activity during the last quarter!

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Aquamarine Capital, Guy Spier, Q4 2015

Conclusion: It might look boring but to me it is highly interesting. Mr. Spier entered earlier into Berkshire than Mr. Pabrai. he also keep holdings longer than not only Berkshire but also what Mr. Pabrai is doing, for instance Posco. To me this means that Mr. Spier have completely different sales criteria than what Mr. Buffett and Mr. Pabrai have. Very interesting!

Source: SEC

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