Tuesday 23 February 2016

Greenlight Capital: David Einhorn Q4 2015

Greenlight, hedge fund run by David Einhorn

If hedge fund manager desperation could be drawn up in table then it would probably look pretty much like what we have below. This is like a poker player playing each hand in an attempt to recover the losses. Wooow, is all I can say to this activity. When the hedge fund went well he did very few changes... maybe he should sit down and take a time out to get back on track again.

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The new additions were:

Allergan - A pharmaceutical company that recently were taken over by Pfizer.

American Capital Agency - an American mortgage REIT.

Avangrid - an American energy service company that used to belong to the Spanish Iberdrola.

Baxter - an American healthcare company.

Chemours - A special chemicals company that works with mainly fluoroproducts and titanium dioxide.

Cigna - An American health service company.

DSW - An American shoe company that are dabbling  a little with handbags and accessories also.

EMC - An IT service company.

Humana - a health and well-being company.

Macys - a retail company. They were "out" in the last report and I now have to assume that they asked SEC to hide the investment for one quarter so that they could build it up in size.

Match Group - Online dating company that are active in 38 countries.

Mylan - a pharmaceutical company making also generica.

Sandisk - a flash storage producer that are taken over by Western Digital.

TerraForm Power - A renewable energy producer having solar and wind plants.

Greenlight, David Einhorn, Q4, 2015

Conclusion: Two companies were bought in the same period just before they were taken over. Insider information? Legal? 14 new companies! 14! Crazy! He is leaning heavily towards healthcare and energy. Also six companies got kicked out from the portfolio and he strongly decreased his Apple position. To me, as I mentioned above, is this activity an act of desperation and I hope that David manage to pull himself together.

Source: SEC

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Woops, I seem to have forgotten about Yelp.

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