Sunday 3 June 2018

Summary of May 2018

Summary of May 2018

May was indeed a very bad month. I had to spend around 950 € to sort out three cars and the pressure is rising to get rid of one of them. Today when I drove home I with the Renault I discovered that I no longer could bring down the electric window on the drivers side. Nightmare! I need to fix it and just let it stand until I get it sold! The unexpected high costs lead to that I could only make a half investment compared to what I prefer to do so I am not please with that! By the look of things I will not be able to make full investments for the next two months besides from reinvestment of the paid out dividends but that I do not like to count because I want to be able to push in around 2k fresh € from my salary each month into stocks.

On top of this we see problems in Italy and Spain. Deutsche Bank is being downgraded and the share price are taking new lows. Our American friend had one of his fits but then again he has been talking about it and he very clearly makes everything that he can to push through what he has said so why does that become such a cold shower? Either way the stock market should fall due to all the things that are going on.

I received a massive amount of my dividends this month which is great but for the monthly report and my comparison to DAX it is horrible since the DAX index always "reinvest" the dividends while I make no correction for the dividends that I get paid out so also in this report I will take a heavy hit.

Work is going ok. I keep looking for something new as you all know but my gosh it is slow and yet I am pretty much open for moving anywhere in the world and I speak 4+ languages. It is funny how things turn out.

For the previous summary please visit Summary of April 2018 and here you can see my stock portfolio as it is.

Invested vs current May 2018

The total invested value is now up at: 115,903 €. During the month of May I decided to buy some ETF Greece due to the ECBs statements concerning the banks in Greece. Unfortunately it was only a half investment.

Current investments in May 2018

The value of the portfolio is today: 122,814 € and spread out I now have around 3911 € in cash on the different accounts. I have a realised gain of 2,857 € and the unrealised gain is now at: 6,996 € (6%) which is not good at all.

Me vs DAX during May 2018

DAX is now up at 12,724 point which means it has only decreased by-0.7% which comes to one extent from the reinvestment of dividends while my own portfolio managed to decrease with -2.2% in the same period.

Conclusion: One big problem for me this month was the wonderful Deutsche Bank. I keep going back to how my initial investments back in 2012 have seriously held me back. Either way. I must say that I am chocked that the decrease from last month has not been more serious but i guess that comes from that the rocket went on a bit longer than expected before it completely lost all the thrust because from my monthly high compared to the value of the stock portfolio today is large.


Anonymous said...

Hi, interested read. In which and russia etf are you invested ?

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

It is an ETF from HSBC. You can find more by clicking on ETF Russia in the Labels of article cloud.