Saturday 6 December 2014

Dividend from Intel: December 2014

Intel , an American chip producer

The forth and final dividend payment from Intel arrived just recently. I directly see on my broker account that some extra cash has arrived but I am then never informed how much taxes were taken so for that reason I always wait until I receive the paper with the mail before I make a publication.

Intel paid exactly the same as last quarter so 0.225 USD per share. This means that I received 22.50 USD for my 100 shares of Intel. There has been some changes in the USD/EUR exchange rate so I received 18.01 € this time. From that was removed 2.71 € in taxes and I received 15.30 € on my broker account.

Since spring 2014 the share price of Intel have rushed like crazy from 17.70 € to now being around 30 € and I start to be uncomfortable owning them. I hope that the earnings of the full year 2014 will justify their latest market valuation.

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