Tuesday 30 December 2014

Dividend summary 2014

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The first year of investment I received 461 € in dividends. The second year I received a total of 1,367 € however from this 653 € was due to selling share rights to Commerzbank, leaving 714 € in real dividends. This year I received a total of 1,025 € in dividends of which 70 € were due to sale of rights leaving me with 955 € in real dividends. So the yearly dividends are increasing year by year as it also should.

The dividend that I am receiving based on my total stock portfolio is at a little more than 2 % (for the last three years) which came as a surprise to me. I was expecting it to be higher but on the other hand I do not follow the dividend strategy so why should I receive a high %-age at all?

Even though I do not follow the dividend strategy but the contrarian one I still like to see that the dividends are increasing for each year and I am happy to see that it also have done that for the last three years.

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