Wednesday 17 December 2014

"Dividend" from Tessenderlo: December 2014

Tessenderlo, a Belgian chemistry company

It is not correct to call it dividend, because it is a sale of the pre-emptive rights that I received and decided to forsake, but I have decided to call all given money from companies for the sake of simplicity dividend and I will report the money in the dividend page.

I received 45 rights and they were sold for 1.548527 € giving me a total of 69.68 € and I have to pay taxes in the size of 7.29 €, I must admit that I had forgotten the tax payment when I calculated the benefit of selling the pre-emptive rights in comparison to buying more of them so in the end I will re-calculate what actually would have been the most favourable way.

If you want to find out more about Tessenderlo then please go to the analysis of Tessenderlo.

To check out my current dividend payment history then please visit the Stock Dividends page which has now been updated.

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