Wednesday 3 December 2014

Stocks of Interest: December 2014

Stocks of Interest, contrarian, December, 2014

It is once again time to look over the lists to find out which new investment that should be made here in December. As you might have seen I managed to push in some cash on my broker account so they should and will directly be put to work.

For the previous publication please click on Stocks of Interest: November 2014.

Stocks of Interest, December, 2014, snapshot
Snapshot from Stocks of Interest list.

Directly we see that one of the companies have gone into the red region which is the Accell Group. I will leave them in the list at the moment but if they will be red also at the next month update then they will be kicked off the list. The ten best investments this month are: Fugro, Agrana, Aksa, Neste Oil, Volkswagen, Casino, Hannover Rückversich, Morrisons, Picanol Group and Agroton. Kernel is no longer in the 10 top list due to that a new analysis was made based on the 2014 annual report as well as a share price increase. My feeling right now is to increase my piggy bank part a little and for that reason I start looking more and more on the company that hold position #11 in the list namely Talanx.

DAX, companies, December, 2014
Snapshot of all the DAX companies.

All the cyclical car companies are still traded at fairly cheap levels and especially Volkswagen even after it has jumped up a lot again. MüRe is also traded at fair values at the moment but I see no interest in stepping in with a larger position there.

Stock portfolio, December, 2014
Snapshot of my own companies.

With my own companies I currently only see one that I would be really interested in increasing and that is Tessenderlo. The rest of them are either already in sufficient holding sizes or need to prove themselves worthy of getting new good money invested in them.

Most likely the investment in December will become Talanx and then as a second extra investment Tessenderlo that are bringing out new shares which I will hopefully take part in buying.

From the Stocks of Interest page you will have direct access to the live update of the list from Google drive and if you go to the Stock Portfolio page you find the direct access to the live update of my current holdings and their share prices compared to my future expectations.


DivHut said...

Thanks for sharing your December stock considerations. A lot of names I'm not familiar with in your post which is cool since you are giving me exposure to some names that I may have never considered or at the very least look for ADRs trading on U.S. exchanges. Curious to know where you'll be buying.

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Hi DuvHut!

All the big companies names will definitely have ADRs and a couple of them will fit in your dividend investment approach.
Few of those are however on my contrarian stocks of interest list though but you can for sure find many of them in the labels.