Thursday 19 November 2015

Pershing Square: William Ackman Q3 2015

Pershing Square, a hedge fund run by William Ackman

The excitement from William got slightly more intensified since he actually stepped into a new company last quarter according to SEC. Please keep in mind that only US holdings must be filed.

For the previous report please visit Pershing Square: William Ackman Q2 2015.

New holdings:

Mondelez - An American food and snack producer.

Conclusion: Since Mr. Ackman very rarely are silent when he step into companies it was already known since before that Mondelez was the new thorn in his side... or maybe other way round... I took a look at Mondelez. They have excellent brands. Many that I myself love to eat but it also seems to be run by fools having today large intangible assets and goodwill in their balance sheet. So maybe Ackman will manage to change something. On the other hand he has not been very successful as of late.

Source: SEC

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