Sunday 4 August 2013

China by rail

A German harbour and logistics company

Due to the dramatic drop in the price of the shares for K+S which I had just recently analysed I directly started to read a lot of articles about what was going on and what might happen now. When one scanned through all those things there are also a lot of different articles that appears and things that are mentioned in articles that I tend to remember and then try to dig even further on. I think that it had to do with my analysis from Hamburger Hafen & Logistiks when I had read something saying that there was a train line being set up that would connect China with Germany and Hamburg.

The train has now arrived in Germany, Hamburg, from the eastern city of China namely Zhengzdou. The news was reported here.

In general I find this very, very exciting!

But back to the topic... as was mentioned here in this article... was that Uralkali had a benefit because it was the only Potash producer having access to China by rail so this can at least no longer be true. Now any company in Germany has access by train to the very east of China within 15 days by train meaning that also K+S have access to China which has been a market they have had very little business in before.

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