Friday 23 August 2013

New stock bought: K+S

A German mining company

Well, well, well... I did not manage to keep my fingers away from K+S when they dropped as much as they did so I bought K+S at unfortunately a higher price then what I could have gotten it for but still the price that I paid was very cheap for a good dividend paying company on DAX and I am not worried about the future. I bought 50 shares with fees for 21.26€ per share. If the stock remains lower then I will most likely try to buy more shares next month which seems to be the final investment for this year for me due to previously mentioned complications.

For the K+S analysis please take a look here and the stock will be added to my Stock Portfolio at the end of the month when I update that.


IFA said...

It is a good investment if you hold it as it is a dividend paying company.
Most Bought Stock

Fredrik von Oberhausen said...

Hi Jaspreet Singh,

K+S will be a long term investment for me and I hope that it will serve my purposes well.

They do however change the dividend payments according to their yearly result but I still think that I will over time receive a substantial amount in dividends paid out to me.

They are still fairly cheap but I will not increase my holding any further since it already represents almost 10% of my stock portfolio.

Thanks for your comment and for reading!