Friday 2 August 2013

Summary of July 2013

Summary, July, 2013, Me versus DAX

Here comes the summary for July 2013. It was generally a very tough month for me due to that I have been forced to decrease my salary to half which significantly decreases my chances of even making any investments. I did however manage to build up a pretty decent amount of cash before this started and I will now try to invest that each month until the bitter end. When I cut the salary in half I expected that the hard times would be over already in September but by the look of it now it will remain until the end of the year. This month I did not manage to bring any cash over to the stock account and I even went seriously minus due to that I attended a wedding for a buddy of mine in France. Total cost for that trip became around 600 euro which is money that I currently actually could not spend due to my situation so now I have no cash buffer besides from the cash on the stock deposit. It was a long time since I last lived from the hand to the mouth... anyway... the report now follows with some new hopefully nice graphical implementations.

In the pie chart above is each share represented and the amount of invested money that I pushed into them. Two stocks are highly over represented which is Asian Bamboo as well as Deutsche Bank. Personally I do not care about over representation and I do not care about how many %-age each stock represents of my total portfolio. If the investment looks good I will always do it. The total invested value is now: 29295 €.

When we take a look at the current value of these stocks then only Deutsche Bank is over represented and MüRe and ABF are showing a much nicer slice of the pie. Asian Bamboo has become very tiny as has Commerzbank. The current value is now: 25255 € (-14%)

When we look at DAX they have done very well during this period from 1/3-12 to today and have had an increase of 21%.

Getting whopped by DAX!
As can be seen in the above graph of my contrarian stocks vs DAX it was going pretty well for me in the beginning but after nine months of investing (end of November 2012) I have not stood a chance against DAX. The last month I did manage to improve more then what DAX did and I hope it will continue like that!

For the full portfolio report please go here. I made an excel sheet which I think will work out better for the future and I then also implemented what I talked about here in the discussion.

If you have suggestions for stocks that I should analyse then please go here. And what you try to publish will not appear directly because I always screen it first so as soon as I have read it it will appear.

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