Tuesday 5 August 2014

Contrarian stock bought August 2014: IBM

IBM, an American IT service company

The decision to pick the monthly contrarian stock was easier this time since I had opened up a new position and I wanted to bring it up to a more acceptable level before moving further. To add to the ease of decision the price had also not deviated much from when I bought it last month.

I therefore increased with an additional 8 shares at a price of 142.31 € per share (including the trading fee) and my average share price for my 16 shares are now at 140.60 € including the trading. To read Contrarian stock bought in July 2014 - IBM please click on this link and to find out more about IBM then go to analysis of IBM 2014.

I am currently sticking to my word and I keep investing around 1,000 € and at the same time I try to save more money into the stock deposit to keep cash available for when the larger correction arrives which maybe is tumbling down on us right now with DAX making a nice drop (-8 to -10%) in the last weeks.

There was also a nice moment to start thinking about buying Adidas (see analysis of Adidas 2014) since they have dropped like a stone by around -20%. I will keep looking at them to see how they develop in the future and I might take a look at their latest quarter report in the end "their" team won the World Championship in football which should contribute to some value and if not then they should stop pushing money into the advertisement.

With the next update of the monthly report the new change will be brought in to the Stock Portfolio.


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