Thursday 21 August 2014

Greenlight Capital: David Einhorn Q2 2014

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The SEC for Greenlight Capital shows us the American companies that David has bought and sold during Q2 2014. The activity as always has been high and this time he even jumped back into a company that he had stepped out of in Q1.

The new additions to his stock portfolio were:

Aercap - This is an aircraft leasing company that are active in over 90 countries.

Chemtura - A specialty chemicals company making sales in over 100 countries.

Civeo - They are specialists with workforce accommodation in mainly the US and Australia.

Conns Inc. - A specialty US retailer busy on 80 locations.

DSW Inc. - A US shoe company.

National Oilwell Varco - A US oil and gas supplier company that recently had the spin-off NOW Inc. The odd thing here is that they sold off Varco in Q1 2014 so they have jumped back and forth and I do not know if they jumped back in before or after the spin-off was created. Either way they have no shares registered in NOW Inc.

Northstar - A commercial real estate investment company.

Time Inc - A US media company that have over 90 brands (magazines etc.)

Voya Inc - The old ING US with a new name so the company and the ownership is not new only the name is new and neither a decrease or increase has been made in the quantity of shares.

For the previous report on David please click on Greenlight Capital: David Einhorn Q1 2014.

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Conclusion: I find it funny to see that he jumped back and forth with Varco and next quarter will be interesting to see both what Greenlight has done as well as Berkshire with their shares in Varco. Many of his new investments have P/E of 15 to 20 so far too high or my liking. 

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