Saturday 9 August 2014

Dividend from Cez: August 2014

Cez, a Czech energy producer and provider

Another one of my energy companies were kind enough to pay out dividend to me. This time it comes from Cez which is located in the Czech Republic and they paid out 40 CZK per share which gives me 4,000 CZK in total for my 100 shares. The unpleasant news was the taxes that I had to pay... 35% (an entire 1,400 CZK)!

The conversion rate from CZK to EUR was 28.043 which means that I received 142.64 € in dividend, I paid 49.92 € in taxes and out as cash to my stock deposit I got only 92.72 €. If you want to find out more about Cez then please visit analysis of Cez 2014.

The Stock Dividends page has now been updated.


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