Monday, 11 August 2014

Not able to keep up...

Time, essence, my watch

I have noticed that I am not able to keep up with the publications as I would have liked to and I must therefore reform and improve myself and this site.

I will try to start working with Google Docs when it comes to the Stocks of Interest to make sure that the list is continuously updated with the latest result. However the data on that list will still be based on my excel spread sheets which means that you need to remind me and poke me in the side when it is high time to re-analyse a company that is on that list and that you consider to start to be seriously interesting!

Since I still do not know how it works with Google Docs as well as how I can implement the finished document on my site this process can be anything from a couple of days to weeks. The final result will however be worth it so that I can get a quick overview of which company is the most interesting to invest in! Especially since I have realised that I very often like to invest in the latest interesting company that I found when maybe one of the old ones have actually become a more interesting investment.

I am still thinking about my investment strategy and how I currently seem to just build up company after company instead of selling some off to have a more dense portfolio. My current thoughts are that it seems to take a long time for turnarounds to kick in if you buy them early (too early?) and instead of investing more in them I seem to prefer to invest in other companies. I must also learn to start selling. Both when companies have reached their fair price and when the fundamentals change.


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