Monday 25 August 2014

My current stocks on Google Docs

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snapshot of the list as it can be seen in Google Docs.

I keep ticking off the list and this time I have managed to accomplish the live update with My Current Stocks which you will see when you click on the link. There will of course also be a permanent link that can be found on the Stock Portfolio page.

I now also added more stricter, to some of them, sales prices or reasons in comparison to what I have previously given. The starting point goes back to my End of year overview of my contrarian stock 2013 where I put in some points for when I considered it to be time to sell the different companies in my portfolio.

In the list there has also been an update on the share prices since it became easier to make with the stricter sales reason and not only based on the companies growth rate for the last five years according to Grahams formula. I will bring those prices into the excel sheet that I use for making my monthly update of my portfolios development, please do not be alarmed over the currencies. In Google Docs it is the currency of the country and in my own excel sheet I will keep it in euros so there will be differences between the two.

Two of the sales criteria are still loose and pretty open... that for ABF/Primark and IBM. I have still entered a towards price which in the case of Primark is based on the P/E value that the large retail chains are being traded at (Inditex & H&M)... disturbing that Primark is even above that... and for IBM that I hope to sell when Warren Buffett does but still I gave the price based on that Berkshire Hathaway bought them back in 2011 and Warren wants at least 14% interest on his investments and from that I then calculated a pretty open price of what Warren at least would have liked to have now three years later, which he still have not received at all... after my anger decrease of the share price of Asian Bamboo I again calmed down a little and put in that if they do not go insolvent then at least one should be able to get 80% of the book value out.... and for the banks I put in a P/B of around 1.8 which is what healthy banks are being traded at today so once DB and CZB gets healthy then they should also trade around there.

If you consider me to have put in completely crazy prices then please let me know so that I can adjust them or at least think twice about the price that I have written.


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